International Women’s Day is officially March 8th.  This is a global day celebrating the social, political, economic and cultural achievements of women.  This year’s campaign theme is #EachforEqual reminding us that an equal world is an enabled world.

On this International Women’s Day, and in the days to come, we give attention to creating the world that we wish to see.  We take the responsibility to open doors to creating equality in the world.  We commit to being a dynamic part of that equality by actions small and large.

Creating equality starts with the belief that each person regardless of gender has a contribution to make in the world.  We make room for all talents at each table.  We privilege talent, skill and capacity over gender, ethnicity and other differences.

An equal world means supporting others in achieving goals – giving a word of encouragement; validating their capability.  We create an equal world when:

  • We create a safe space for a person to take an educated risk.
  • We celebrate their success and we stand behind them as they learn the lessons of failure because we understand that to have tried is the real success.
  • We believe a person’s growth is possible and help them to believe it even when they don’t see the possibility.

Which one of us can’t find at least one person to give this support?  There is not a single person whose success has been only by their own efforts.  An equal world means creating safe communities.  We are challenged to live our lives in this way to make a difference in the world person by person.

Our mission at Dolly and Associates Ltd is to create opportunity for each person to realize their full potential and to take their rightful place at the table.  We believe each person has strengths notwithstanding whatever feels debilitating to them at a point in time.  Join us in making a difference in the world.

About Dolly and Associates

dolly_portal-logoWe are one of the largest and longest operating Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) in Trinidad and Tobago, our services remain focused around supporting the enhancement of people’s well-being.