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Dolly and Associate’s EAP, behavioral health and workplace performance solutions complement a wide range of services.   If you offer medical plans, health and wellness services, life, disability or casualty insurance, or HR outsourcing – or if you represent a member-based association or coalition – consider partnering with Dolly and Associates.   When you offer Dolly and Associate’s services alongside your own, you instantly stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Your Needs

Our programmes are designed to promote individual wellbeing, functionality and productivity.  We help persons to understand the importance of self-care and developing skills to resolve problems they may face during challenging life events.

Creating Solutions

We partner with you to develop customized services that help your employees or members maintain balance between work and life commitments.  We offer face-to-face, telephone or Web-based resources and workshops to assist employees with personal well-being, interpersonal relations and life management skills that help employees/members live and work better.


Results Orientation

Our team of specially trained behaviour change consultants can help develop strategies to address and resolve a range of behavioural concerns.  We work with individuals and groups to design a course of action to create solutions to their concerns.  We encourage individuals / employees to develop outcome based targets and use techniques specifically designed to establish and achieve these outcomes.

Healthy Living and Wellness for Your Workforce.

Healthy Living and Wellness for Your Workforce.

Our Business Programs

Employee Assistance Program

Dolly and Associates Ltd provides a comprehensive range of EAP services designed to meet the growing needs of businesses and their employees.   We provide services to all types and sizes of organizations, designing programs that are tailored to meet the individual needs, culture, and philosophy of each company.   We start with all the traditional EAP counseling services designed to address significant life problems and we add Work/Life benefits to address the everyday problems involved in juggling work and family…

Corporate Workshops

The dynamics of team management plays an important part in stress related roles by allowing team leaders to identify personalities, strengths, weakness and spot individual differences and allocate work on basis of optimization of potentials.   We specialize in the provision of corporate learning & development workshops for organizations large and small.   Whether it’s stress management, communication skills, leadership development or cultural change, Dolly and Associates EAP has the practical skills and know-how to provide you and your staff with the very best in professional development training.   We offer a range of courses for both managers and their staff.


Our business partners take their corporate responsibility seriously and we support them in their efforts to contribute to our communities.  Our Community Based Services are developed to provide skills and techniques to facilitate individual and community behavioural change.  These programmes are implemented in the community and are targeted to address specific concerns.  Our qualified facilitators will assess, identify and engage with Community Partners to help give back to their community.

School Based Programs

We work with integrated school services to help foster or assist and nurture early identification and treatment of adolescent mental health conditions.   The presence of mental illness in children and adolescents, if not properly diagnosed and treated, increases the likelihood of significant health issues for them as adults and greatly limits their ability to become productive members of society.   For adolescents, the first signs of mental illness or emotional distress can emerge in the school environment.   Our mantra is simple, if students are actively engaged in learning, they are less likely to misbehave.

"Partnering with Dolly and Associates has given our employees the necessary skills to cope and find balance with daily work / life challenges. I highly recommend their EAP."

– Rawl Weston

What Is Cost Savings To My Company?

What Is Cost Savings To My Company?