Policy Formulation

Creating Strategic Planning for the Organization


Dolly and Associates Limited assists organizations in identifying and exploring their needs in respect of formulation of policies to govern work-related behaviours. These policies support organizations in creating work environments that are emotionally and psychologically safe and facilitate productivity.

A workplace policy is a set of rules and principles that aims to guide managers and workers in how to behave in the workplace.  Workplace policies establish boundaries for acceptable behavior and guidelines for best practices in certain work situations. &nbspThey are statements from company leaders outlining standards of behavior or limitations.  Policies may cover several issues including bullying, harassment, internet use, health and safety, and social media use.  Policies also contribute to the overall culture of the workplace, because they instill norms and values.

Our Formulation Approach

Harassment Prevention

Harassment in the workplace continues to be a serious issue for individuals and organizations.  Harassment in the workplace refers to behaviour that appears to be disturbing or threatening.  Sexual harassment refers to persistent and unwanted sexual advances, typically in the workplace, where the consequences of refusing are potentially very disadvantageous to the victim.

Companies invest in many things to create safe and productive environments.  Harassing behaviour threatens that safety and has longer term impact on productivity.  At Dolly and Associates we support companies in developing harassment policies to mitigate the risks of inappropriate behaviours in the workplace.  We also offer harassment prevention training to your workforce.

Our  Range Of Services

Development Policies We Help You Address

    • Alcohol, Drug Use and Abuse
    • Harassment including Sexual Harassment
    • AIDS / HIV
    • Anti-discriminatory Practice
    • Workplace violence
    • Alcohol, Drug Use and Abuse
    • Harassment including Sexual Harassment
    • AIDS / HIV
    • Anti-discriminatory Practice
    • Workplace violence

Substance Abuse

Do you have an employee or manager you suspect is impaired while at work?  Is your organization OSH compliant?  Are you concerned that some jobs are at higher risk for accidents if the employee’s judgment is impaired?.

Dolly and Associates can help.  We work with you to develop a customized substance use policy for your workplace.  In addition, our training programmes support compliance and maintenance of the policy in the workplace.

Improve Policy.  Reduce Risk.  Build Resilience.

Improve Policy.  Reduce Risk.  Build Resilience.

How We Can Help You

Employee Intervention

Dolly and Associates EAP offers multiple services to address substance abuse and harassment in the workplace, including intervention where there is a performance difficulty; or an employee is disturbed by harassment or with the offending party etc.  When you have a critical situation involving an impaired employee, referral to our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) has been proven to be an effective HR strategy.


Taking a consistently proactive approach in these areas is an important facet of maintaining a safe and productive work environment.  We work with companies in providing ongoing education and training to support employee and management compliance with company policies and with best practice in organization wellness.

Goals Setting and Team Objectives
    • Increasing team understanding, empathy and reflectiveness.
    • Minimizing disagreement and blame within the team.
    • Raising staff morale.
    • Reducing negative staff perceptions of service users.
    • Helping staff to manage risk.
    • Conveying messages to staff about hope for positive change.
    • Achieving a consistent team approach to intervention.
    • Generating new ways of thinking.
    • Dealing with core issues (not just crisis management).
    • Drawing on and valuing the expertise of all team members.