School Based Programs

Creating a healthy learning environment


The services provided through school based programmes are geared toward enhancing the capacity of the school to meet its educational mandate.  Ultimately, the goal is to create healthy environments for learning by partnering with schools in developing prevention and intervention strategies that promote academic and life success for all of its students.  Specifically, school-based programmes help to identify and intervene during the early stages of problematic behavior and assist parents and school personnel in developing comprehensive strategies for addressing these behaviors.

Why It Makes Sense

From our experience, there are advantages of teaming with an organization that offers comprehensive mental health services.  Dolly and Associates is a behavior change consultancy that offers a range of services important for supporting student developmental needs including psycho-educational testing, therapy / counselling and group programmes.  Services are available to youths year-round, beyond the academic school year and during school holidays.  We also work closely with the school in supporting both teachers and students in addressing learning and behavioural challenges.

Our Approach

Building, Strengthening and Preserving Individuals and Families

At Dolly and Associates, we believe that every child has their own special skills, talents and innate strengths.  A significant role for us as clinicians is to help the child understand these capabilities and the environment in which they function.  The goal of the School-Based Counselling Programme is to help children and youths learn how to successfully navigate school, at home, and in the community.

What We Offer

Our Range of Services Include


    • Individual, Family and Group Counselling
    • Psycho-educational Testing
    • Psychological evaluation
    • Counselling/therapy
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Staff development workshops and consultation
    • Referral to additional supporting services

What are the Benefits

Improve Student Performance

We help students build resilience and self-confidence to help improve their quality of life.  Some of the benefits to students and families include:

    • Crisis Resolution
    • Building academic and behavioural competencies
    • Facilitate character development
    • Address conduct disorders and oppositional behaviours

Improve School Performance

Our comprehensive programmes and practical tools are built to develop real-world coping and resilience skills that help improve student focus, reduce absenteeism, and increase well-being.  Some of the benefits for students and schools include:

    • Enhanced Academic Performance
    • Increased sense of purpose
    • Decrease Dropout rate
    • Increased adherence to School’s Regulatory systems
    • Access to crisis intervention services
    • Prevention and Training for Staff and Students
    • Psycho-education programmes on Character Education, Violence prevention, Conflict Resolution, Bullying, etc.

Reduce School Risk and Cost

Our qualified counselors will assess, identify and engage with students to facilitate their empowerment and to help them develop resilience and management techniques to prevent behavior-based situations from becoming serious and costly.  Indicators of academic and social development include:

    • Increased self-esteem
    • Better understanding of self and capacities
    • Hope for the future
    • Better relationships with adults
    • More positive peer relationships
    • Improvement in discipline
    • Improved goal orientation
    • Improved academic performance
    • Better management of peer pressure and difficult situations
    • Increased motivation

Interested in Our Programs? Get In Touch today!

Are You Concerned About Attendance, Academic Performance or Out of District Placements?

Interested in Our Programs? Get In Touch today!

Are You Concerned About Attendance, Academic Performance or Out of District Placements?

Our Signature Services

School Management Services

    • Adjusting to structural change and transition (Students, Staff, Parent Teachers Association
    • School Environmental Management (Classroom, Compound
    • Classroom Management

Psychological Testing Services

    • Emotional and Behavioral
    • Assessment-EQ/ IQ/ Behaviour/ Development
    • Career and Interest Tests

Behavior Management Services

    • Modifying Challenging and Difficult Behaviors
    • Helping Develop or Maintain Prosocial Behaviors in the Home, School, or Community
    • Learning to Regulate their Energy
    • Managing their Emotions
    • Increasing Independence and Self-Management Skills.

Student Support Programmes

    • Individual and Family Counselling/Therapy
    • Trauma and Crisis Management
    • Visioning / Goal Setting
    • Developing Life Stage Appropriate Behaviour
    • Emotional and Social Preparation-Exams/Life
    • Character Based Programmes

Employee Assistance Programs

    • Teacher Support
    • Staff Development and Training
    • Trauma and Crisis Management
    • Individual and Family Counseling

Team Building - Stakeholders

    • Interpersonal Systems Assessment
    • Designing and Developing Support Systems
    • Building effective stakeholder teams